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Why You Need To Read Casino Bonuses Terms And Conditions

Casino Bonuses

When you accept an online casino bonus it is imperative that you read all the terms and conditions of the offer. This is regardless of the type of offer you are taking advantage of. Do that even if it a no deposit casino bonus.

To see your money returned with some extra, you would need to meet the wagering requirements. Those are outlined in the casino bonus offer terms and conditions. To do so, you have to be aware of the clauses that can have an effect on your bonus. All those info will be clearly outlined in the bonus Terms and Conditions. You should only proceed if you are comfortable with those. Feel free to check with the online casino support if you have questions.

The reason why you have to read the terms and conditions before starting to play is that there isn’t a going back. Lots of players just go ahead without reading the terms of the casino bonus offers. They than complain with the operator. Those complaints do not have great success. You have to remember that when you are accepting a casino bonus you sign up to its terms.

Why should I read all terms and conditions associated with a bonus?
We have created this guide to clarify all the reasons in which you can lose your bonus. This will happen if you have not complied with the terms and conditions of the same.

Bonus abuse

This is a term that online casinos are using frequently. It means that players are failing to adhere to the casino bonus rules that they have previously accepted. For instance, a player could try to abuse the casino by claiming multiple bonus under the same IP address, computer or even household.

Another frequent bonus abuse is when a player is trying to receive the casino bonus multiple times by opening various accounts. In all those situations the player is violating the terms and conditions of the bonus. For instance, if you were trying to get multiple free spins promotions by opening several accounts, this is bonus abuse.

Under bonus abuse category falls also those players that are trying to place wagers that are equal or higher than the maximum amount stated in the terms and conditions of the bonus. If you like to place big bets, you should always double check to see what is the maximum bet allowed with the bonus. This will prevent that you get your bonus forfeit because you have exceeded that amount.

As soon as you have met the bonus wagering terms, you will be able to place higher bets if this is what you are looking to do.

Irregular betting pattern

Every casino bonus that you decide to accept has wagering requirements linked to it. Before you can make a withdrawal you would have to meet those terms. When a casino is saying that you have an irregular betting pattern, it means that the player is not betting to try to win more money. He is only playing low-risk games. Alternatively, he places the minimum stakes to meet the withdrawal targets and cash out as soon as they can.

If a casino figures out that you have been using this strategy, they will forfeit the bonus. You might even end up getting your account suspended. Even though you might be thinking you are doing something legitimate when you are signing to the terms and conditions you are allowing the online casino to decide in its sole discretion. They will rule on what are the activities and betting strategies that fall into the irregular betting pattern.

Playing restricted games with bonus funds

Another reason why you need to read the terms and conditions of an online casino bonus carefully is that not all the games might be played with the bonus that you will receive. For this reason, it is very important that you check what the restrictions are. Remember that to be able to cash out you would have to meet the wagering requirements. Picking the correct games to do so it is vital as the ones that are restricted will not count towards those.

Usually, most online casinos will allow online slots to count 100% towards meeting the wagering requirements. Although this is true most of the times, there might be casinos that do not follow this rule and might restrict some slots from counting. It is therefore very important to know which are the games that will contribute. Usually, the likes of blackjack and roulette do not count, or they only count as little as 10%.

The reason why some games are excluded or count less towards the wagering requirements is that they have a low house edge. It would, therefore, be too risky and costly for an online casino to make those count towards meeting the bonuses wagering requirements. Casino bonuses are usually game specific and are mostly for video slots in mind. If you are a player that generally just play table games, you would be better off looking for a casino bonus that is for those types of games.

Another restriction that you might find on casino bonus can be in regards to progressive jackpot games. The majority of casinos will allow you to play progressive slots with a bonus. We do suggest that you double check this before playing.

Bonuses and country-based restrictions

Another main reason why you might not be able to claim the casino bonus is that you are in a country that is restricted. The vast majority of online casinos have country restrictions when it comes to online bonuses. The reason why they do so is that they have seen a growing number of bonus abuse coming from specific geographic locations.

Again, to avoid disappointments down the line, before making a deposit check the terms and conditions. Specifically, check that the country you are living is eligible to get the bonus.


For all those reasons reading and understanding the terms and conditions of a casino bonus is a must. You have to know all the bonus details. Do so and you will never get bad surprises but instead, you will secure a pleasant and entertaining time at the casino you have picked.