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What is the difference between Deposit and No Deposit bonuses?

What are Deposit and No Deposit bonuses and what is the difference?

What is the difference between Deposit and No Deposit bonusesThe bonuses that you get offered by online casinos are of two main categories: deposit bonus or no deposit bonus. But what is the difference between those two types of promotions?

There are several differences between deposit bonus and no deposit bonuses and some also depends on what online casino you are playing with. The most significant difference though is that a no deposit bonus will not require you to make a deposit after you have registered a new account to benefit from the promotion.

When you are being offered a no deposit bonus, this means that the online casino will credit a certain amount of bonus without that you need to do anything basically. If, however, you are being offered a deposit bonus this means that to take advantage of the free credits you will be required to make the deposit first and only then you will get credited the free bonus into your account.

What is the simplest between No Deposit Bonus and Deposit Bonus?

As you might guess the simplest of the two bonuses is the no deposit bonus. This is a better promotion as usually, all you are required to do before starting to play with free credits is to open a new account with an online casino brand. After that, the no deposit bonus will be credited into your account. Depending on the online casino you might need to make a request to customer support to get the bonus credited but that won’t take long.

The deposit bonus is a bit more complicated. After you have registered a new account at an online casino, you will need to make a qualifying deposit before receiving the bonus.

To make things clearer let’s do an example. Let’s imagine you are signing up at an online casino that is offering £10 no deposit bonus. As soon as you have completed the registration of the new account, you will see that there is £10 credited in your balance. You will, therefore, be able to start playing immediately. If you, on the other hand, sign up to an online casino that is offering a 100% deposit bonus, you will first need to open an account, and secondly, you will need to make a qualifying deposit which is for example £10. As soon as you make the first deposit (let’s say you deposit £10), the casino will top this up with a £10 bonus. In this scenario, you will then have £20 to use for playing.

So as you can see the main difference between a deposit and no deposit bonus is that you have to make a deposit first in one and you don’t have to do it in the other one.

Make no mistakes though: this is not the only difference between those two casino bonuses. There are in fact quite a few which we will explain here for you.

Why Are Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions So Important?

It is crucial that you read the terms and conditions of the bonus you are about to get. Having a good understanding of the terms of the offer can ensure that you not only get the most of the bonus but that you get the bonus in the first place.

Another big difference that is associated with those two types of bonuses are the wagering requirements. Since No Deposit Bonuses are more risky and expensive for the casino operator to run, they are generally associated with significantly higher wagering requirements compared with the deposit bonuses.

If you think about it, deposit bonuses are entirely free, so the online casinos use the wagering requirements to monitor them. If you are taking advantage of a no deposit bonus you should expect that the wagering requirements will be in the region of fifty times or more even with top reputable casino brands. If you are getting a deposit bonus, you would see that the wagering requirements will be a lot lower usually as little as third times. This is the reason why when evaluating which bonus you are going to get it is essential to read the terms and conditions.

What are the other’s differences between a deposit bonus and a no deposit bonus?

Another critical difference between those two types of bonuses is the maximum amount that you are allowed to withdraw. Usually, the maximum cash out is linked with no deposit bonuses. Even though some online casinos will apply maximum cash out to a deposit bonus, the best ones will not place any restrictions on the amount of money you can withdraw from a deposit bonus.

Placing a maximum cap on the amount of money that can be withdrawn it is another way to monitor no deposit bonuses from the operators’ side. When you take advantage of a no deposit bonus and have completed the wagering requirements, you will find that usually, the maximum amount that can be withdrawn is in the region of £200. This will change depending on the casino you are playing with so always check in the terms and conditions of the offer.

Checking the maximum amount is very important as if you are lucky enough to get a massive jackpot, you will be disappointed that you won’t be able to withdraw the whole amount. If, on the other hand, you get the jackpot while playing with a deposit bonus, you will be allowed to withdraw the amount once you have met the wagering requirements. As for everything in life, there are pro and cons to consider when picking a no deposit bonus or a deposit bonus.

Another thing to check when playing with a no deposit bonus is what are the casino games that you can play. Usually, no deposit bonuses are restricted and can only be used with a small selection of games. This is not the case if you are playing with a deposit bonus that can be used in every casino game. For example, if you get a no deposit bonus to play on NetEnt games. In this case, the winnings can only be used on NetEnt games and not others brands like Microgaming.

Differently, if you are getting a deposit bonus, you are likely to be free to play on any games regardless of the software.

Another difference could be in the expiry date of the two deposits. With a deposit bonus, you usually have a lot longer to play before it expires compared with the no deposit bonus. A no deposit bonus is generally restricted to just a few days.

Ultimately a critical difference is the bonus amount that is given. No deposit bonuses are usually in the region of 10 to 30 credits, while a deposit bonus can be a lot higher and it will depend on the size of your first deposit.

Since every online casino will have their own terms when it comes from no deposit and deposit bonuses always check those first and never assume anything to avoid disappointments later down the line.