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What is a ‘wagering requirement’?

Wagering Requirement Guide

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirement is a term that you will always encounter when dealing with online casino promotions. This term might be a bit tricky to understand especially if you are an online casino beginner and this is why we have decided to create this tutorial article. It is a critical term that you need to understand and learn fully: the good news is that once you have finished reading this article, you will know exactly what it means and why it is critical to understand it.

To avoid disappointments down the line, we strongly suggest that you fully understand the term ‘wagering requirements’ before you go ahead and sign up for a new online casino account. It is a terrible idea to sign up for a new online casino account ignoring what the ‘wagering requirements’ terms of the offer you are taking advantage of are. Take your time and do not deposit and play with a bonus without understanding the wagering requirements as you would be literally throwing your cash away.

Some casinos call the wagering requirements ‘playthrough requirements’ or ‘rollover requirements’: do not worry too much as they all mean exactly the same thing. One thing to remember is that when you accept a bonus from an online casino you are basically agreeing in meeting the wagering requirements: this is wy knowing what the jargon means is so critical to make the most of the promotion and limit your risks.

In a nutshell, wagering requirements mean how many times you need to wager (or bet through) the amount of bonus you have been given by the online casino. Only when you have met those conditions, you will be allowed to withdraw your potential winnings. To get this concept easier let’s break this down so it is easier to understand.

Let’s say you are getting a casino bonus of 100 credits that have wagering requirements of 30 times. In this scenario, you will need to place wagers for a total of 3000 credits. Once you have met the wagering requirements your bonus and any winnings from it will be as real money: at that point, you can request a withdrawal.

If you are a beginner gambler, you might think that placing bets for a total of 3000 credits will be a lot but in reality, it goes quite fast, and it is a realistic target for any gambler. To meet the wagering requirements, you do not need to place very high bets and in fact, the best strategy is to place very small wagers. For example, you could play a 20-payline video slot with 0.01 credits per line: in this scenario, your total spin value will be 0.20 credits. If you do 10 spins, you will have wagered 2 credits so it goes quite fast even by using the smallest possible bet amount.

If you are playing the same slot at a total of 0.10 credits per line your total spin value achieved per spin would be 2 credits. In this scenario, with 10 spins you would have bet for a total of 20 credits. Clearly, the more stake you set per each spin and the quicker you will meet the wagering requirements. If for example, you would place stakes of 10 credits for every spin, with 10 spins you will wager a total of 100 credits and so on.

Usually, the wagering requirements of an online casino are phrased as a whole value of the bonus. For instance, 30 times your bonus: usually the wagering requirements are between 30 and 50. This can be different depending on the casino and also the type of bonus you are going for. Some casino operators will require you to wager the total value of your deposit and also the bonus amount: in this scenario, the total amount you will need to wager will increase. It is critical that you always double check the requirements in the terms and conditions before going ahead with the offer. Always remember that once you have accepted the bonus you will have to deal with the wagering requirements.

So now you should have a pretty good idea of what ‘wagering requirements’ are. It might be slightly confusing to hear though that some online casinos will place different wagering requirements for games. For instance, lots of slots will count 100% against your wagering requirements. Some online casinos tough will place some restrictions and you might see that some games will only count 50% or 20% towards meeting the requirements.

In this case, for every wager that you place, only a percentage of the stake will be counted for the wagering requirements. Table games might have very different percentages, so it is worth checking beforehand to avoid those games that give a very low contribution to the wagering: it is pretty disappointing to place wagers for hours on some games to find out at the end that you have only minimally contributed towards your wagering requirements.

Going through the process of clearing the wagering requirements might be slightly frustrating sometimes but some of the best online casinos are now allowing how much you have bet directly in your account. This is a great feature but unfortunately, not all the online casino are offering it. If you are playing at an online casino that does not offer this feature, you will need to speak with your casino customer service to check how much you have wagered and how much more you will have to do before meeting the requirements.

Apart from some sporadic exceptions, you will always have to deal with wagering requirements when you take advantage of a bonus. The only scenario when you won’t have to bother about wagering requirements is if you make a deposit without accepting the bonus: obviously in this case you are playing with your own cash so you can withdraw as and when you wish.