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Different Types Of Online Casino Software Explained

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Three Different Types Of Online Casino Software

When it comes to playing at an online casino, there are basically three ways to access the platform. The two most common ones are to play the casino via a download of the casino’s software or to play the casino instantly with a compatible flash browser. The two types of software are called ‘download casino’ and ‘instant play’ which is also called ‘flash casino’.

In the last few years, the online casino industry has made a tremendous amount of progress with mobile casinos. As a result, those have become extremely popular around the world. Nowadays, players can gamble directly from their mobile phone and tablet devices at any time and wherever they are.

Different types of gaming software explained

Every player has different taste when it comes to online casino and the method of play. In this casino guide, we will look at the different types of casino gaming software in existence.

Download casino

This means that you would have to download the casino software fist and install it before you can play at the casino. Most online casinos that will require you to download software will also provide you with the opportunity to play their instant play version. When you have downloaded the software, this will connect to the casino service provider. You won’t need to use the browser to play.

In the beginning, download casinos were considered to be better than instant play casinos. This is because they were running faster as the graphics and sound programs were cached by the software client. Those didn’t have to be loaded from the web.

Software giants like Microgaming and Playtech they were usually providing download-based casinos. Those have better design, more realistic sounds and generally a more stable and better gaming experience. The internet wasn’t that fast back in the days. For this reason, they were using the computer to store games. This allowed to have more resources with the system that was responding a lot quicker to games. The downside of this was that sometimes the initial download and installation would take some time. Also, there might have been risks of malware, especially if the casino wasn’t particularly secure.

Pros of download casino version

On the positive side, though when you download the casino’s software, you tend to have more game at your disposal compared with the instant play version. Let’s look at Microgaming, for instance. Even if their instant play version has a huge selection of casino games, their complete portfolio is only available in their download version. Download casinos also offer all the features that a casino can offer. For instance, players can manage their account and access lots of information. If you are a player that prefer to play multiple games at the same time download casino will allow you to jump from one game to another quickly.

Safety first!

We discussed earlier the importance of making sure the software provider is reputable. This will ensure the donwload is secure and there won’t be no risks for your computer. It is also essential to have a fast internet connection as a slow connection will inevitably interrupt not only the download but also the use of games like online slots.

Instant play

The majority of the online casinos nowadays are also offering the opportunity for players to use their instant play version. This is usually powered by Flash technology, and you can play it by using your regular web browser. One thing to check is that you have installed a flash plug-in on your computer. This is because without it, the games will not load, and you will not have the opportunity to play them.

Instant casinos are a very popular and easy way to start playing at an online casino. It eliminates the hassle of having to download software and even to check if there is malware. Even though it doesn’t, in fact, take too long to download the casino’s software, skipping this step make things a lot quicker. Also, another advantage is that if you don’t like the casino with instant play you can just close the tab and look for the next provider. If you were playing with a download casino you would have to take the time to uninstall the software.

As we have mentioned earlier, a potential downside of instant play casinos is that they might have a smaller amount of games available compared with the downloadable version. This, however, would only be the case if the casino has both versions available. If you are playing at an online casino that only has an instant play, you will not need to worry about the game availability. You will have access to all their games via the browser.

Another aspect we touched earlier is about the possibility of playing multiple games with the download version of the casino. Nowadays, some instant play casino also offers the option to play multiple games.

Instant play means more freedom

Playing at an online casino that allows you to play instant is great. You have the freedom to play wherever you like. You can do so where you are without having to worry about a computer or laptop. Let’s imagine you are at a friend’s house or on a business meeting and you don’t have access to your own laptop. With an instant play casino you can simply login into your account by any device and launch the games via the browser. As long as you remember your username and password there won’t be no limits to access the online casino.

Choosing the software is up to you and your taste. Every gambler has its own needs, so it is all about finding what best suits you. Our suggestion is to try a new casino via their instant play before proceeding to download the full version. This is because if you were to download every single online casino that you play with, you would occupy lots of space on your computer. If you are looking for flexibility, an instant play casino is more suited, and there are lots out there that will satisfy your needs of quality and volume of games.

The choice is yours

If you are a player that is looking for a more comprehensive gaming experience, then download casinos are probably going to satisfy more. It also depends on the software itself tough. Both the instant play and download version have their pros and cons. Technology has advanced fast in the gaming industry. Nowadays you will also find some instant play casinos that have the same or even better quality compared with some download version.

The best online casinos are now offering the same features as a download casino so you won’t find many differences. If we take NetEnt for instance: they are award winners for their games and all are offered via instant play. Internet connections have improved in speed and quality over the years and shortly all casinos will be instant play.

You should also consider mobile casinos: those will allow you to access your favourite games wherever you are. Let’s deep dive into this product.

Mobile casinos

Almost every online casinos are offering their own mobile casino. This gives players over the globe the opportunity to play casino games via their mobile devices. Every mobile casino is different but the vast majority of operators have made their online casinos compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

You can also play at online casinos with Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Smartphone and tablet have become common practise and have helped the fast development of mobile casinos.

Mobile casinos can be played instantly

Lots of mobile casinos can be played without downloading anything, simply from your mobile browser. The others will require you to download an app from Google Play or App Store. In some mobile devices, you can even save the casino as a shortcut without having to download the app. When you want to play, you can simply tap into the logo, and it will load in your mobile browser.

In the past mobile casinos were few but nowadays all the providers have a fully optimised mobile casino offering for their players. In the last few years, the available games have increased significantly. Some mobile casinos now have more than 200 games, and players can even enjoy their favourite progressive slots from their mobile devices.

Mobile casinos have improved significantly

The graphics and sound have improved dramatically, and in most mobile casinos you would also be able to manage your account balance, make deposits and withdrawals like if you were playing in the instant or download version from your computer. Other functionalities like auto-play, bonus codes and even live chat are usually available.

Even though mobile gambling might not be for everyone, most gamblers like the opportunity to be able to play at online casino wherever they are without the need of a computer or laptop. Nowadays we all carry some kind of mobile device with us, and this has increased the playing opportunities for many.

As technology continues to improve, we expect that there would be very little difference in terms of games quality and volume between mobile casinos and online casinos.


So, in conclusion, with this guide, you have learned that there are three different main types of gaming software to play at casinos. You can choose to play on all three or just stick with the one that you prefer. The great thing is that, as technology continues to improve, the differences in quality between those three types are very narrow. It is down to you what you prefer really.