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Security Questions And Answers

Usually, part of the registration process requires you to select a security question with answers. Some casinos have chosen not to use this particular security method, and some casinos may require you to provide more than one. You choose a question that suits you and gives it an answer. Example:

Casino Sequrity questions

Often, the casino provides a drop-down box (like the example above) with a number of security issues you can choose from. If there is no security question you want to choose, some casinos will allow you to choose your own.

Once you have chosen the security question or selected your own, you must then deliver the casino with the answer to that question. Now it’s getting important, the answer to your question can play a big part in the future. Make sure you spell correctly and if you are using uppercase and lowercase letters. You may need to answer this question at any time, and then the answer must be exactly the same as when you entered it for the first time.

Changing your security questions and answers can be very difficult, some casinos do not allow it at all. Then read the casino’s rules on security issues so you know what’s up. Should you be uncertain if you will remember the answer to your question or not, it is a good idea to keep the answer in a safe place where no one else accesses the data. If you forget either your question or your response, please contact the casino customer support to see if they can be reset.

It may be that your security question has several different answers that fit so even more important to note your response. For example, if you choose “Pet’s name” and have or have had a lot of pets, it may be hard to remember which pet you chose at the time of registration. At the same time you do not want the answer a too be to easy so others can answer. A good question to choose is one that has an answer that does not change over time.

Security issues are an additional security measure to protect your account if someone would be able to steal / hack your login credentials. Sometimes the only way to prove your identity to a casino is through your security question and answer. Most often, the security question is requested when resetting your password. Hence the importance of remembering the question as well as the answer. It also helps you get started faster when you forget your password, for example. Usually, the casino will give you the security issue and you will need to provide the answer. In some unusual cases you may need to designate the question you chose as well as the answer so make sure you remember both. Too many failed answers probably lock your account. When successfuly answers is provided, it is easy to restore your account.

Thus, the occasions when you may be asked about the security issue are, for example, if you want to change any of your account information or make a withdrawal. Keep in mind that a security issue should be easy to remember, but still unavailable to others. The best thing is to be 100% confident about their question and do not write it down somewhere. A tip is not to use capital letters because of their own experience, it is easy to forget that you have used uppercase letters in the answer.

Reiterates once again that it is important to remember your security question and answer. Access to your money can rely on knowing both the question and the answer. Write it down safe somewhere if you are unsure if you will remember it or not.

Good luck with you registration!