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Play casino slots guide

It is not a secret that slots are the most popular casino games both in online casinos and land based ones. So if you are looking to play casino slots you certainly not alone!

The slots game has been so popular that rules haven’t’ in fact changed since Charles Fay invented the first slot machine: a player place a bet and then get the reels spinning. Every reel will stop in a random position and the player wins if the reels will stop in a way that created a line of the same symbols. The rarer the symbols are, the higher is the money that the player will win. Every winning combination will have a defined size of a win in the slots paytable.

In modern online slots, there aren’t mechanic reels, but the whole concept has been replaced by random generated software which does the same thing: as you can see the idea of slots has remained the same. All the casinos we list at CasinoBiggestBonus.com do honour these principles of randomness so to ensure a fair game: their video slots are continuously audited by third parties companies and also by gaming licensees providers.

How do you play casino slots?

Even though nowadays online slots are made with hugely different themes, the majority still use reels to show the results of each spin. As mentioned, the game is rendered by a computer but the math behind everything still has 3 to 5 sets of symbols that will stop at random positions. The game has been so popular over the years, so it doesn’t make any sense to change it completely. In more modern online slots tough you will find new entertaining features that just won’t be possible to create with mechanical reels: those are, for example, bonus features, expanding wilds, free spins, scatters symbols and so on.

What is the Random Number Generator (RNG) when playing casino slots?
If you are playing online slots you need to ensure to check the Random Number Generator (RNG): this is the software that regulates the slot and that ensure fairness. The random number that is generated by this software ‘tells’ the reels where to stop and ultimately decides the outcome of the game. Since that software is so important, it is continuously checked by independent third parties companies to ensure it is working as it should.

Basically, the software generates the random number and this dictates where the reels will stop. When the reels stop in a position the outcome of the game is revealed. In this way a player win or loss it is only determined by luck: the outcome is never influenced by past results as the number generator software will come up with a random number every time.

RNG hardware generates an enormous number of random numbers every single second. This is to ensure fairness and randomness.

But if when you play casino slots those are not manipulated, how do casinos make profits on them?

Even though slots are entirely random, the games are designed so that the payout over time will be less than what players are wagering. Let’s make an example so we all understand: if you flip a £1 coin and you win, you get £1.50 back. You might get lucky a few times, but over time the house has a clear advantage building in the odds. So even if the game is entirely random and fair, the long-term chances aren’t. When you play casino slots the situation is similar just a lot more complicated: this is because there are many variants in a game like sets of virtual reels, win sizes, bonus features and so on. The theory behind it though it is the same: what gives casinos the edge is game match combined with fair random numbers.

What are the slot machines myths you will come across when playing casino slots?

Now that we have learned how slots are working in reality, it is time to bust a few mites about slots and online slots.

The first one is that slots have cycles of winning combinations: if you are able to observe these cycles, you will be able to jump in during a winning part of the cycle. As we have seen this is not true as slots are based on fair random numbers: the casino gets his margin in the game-math so it is not giving us any advantage trying to complicate the system and trying to identify a winning cycle that cannot merely exist. Surely you might be able to see some hot streaks and cold streaks on a slot machine: it is, however, the outcome of normal randomness and nobody could have predicted.

The second popular myth is that slots are programmed so that they won’t pay out after a big win but they are more likely to pay out following a particular cold streak. For the same reason, we have outlined before this is not correct: since the casino will win overtime and the roulette is based on random numbers, it is entirely possible that a slot will pay big twice in a row. It is unlikely as odds are not great that rare symbols will come into the right places twice in a row, but it is statistically possible.

The third myth is that if you play casino slots with the autoplay features, you have fewer chances than clicking the spin button every single time manually. Now that you know how online slots works, this myth makes no sense. Regardless if you spin the reels manually or if you use the auto-play button the math behind the game will remain the same and so the random numbers, so you have exactly the equal chances of winning.

There is, however, a genuine way to increase your chances of winning. Statistically the more spins you have the more chances you have of hitting the winning combinations. The problem is that you usually need to pay to be able to spin the reels which means if you do not win you end up in negative territory and the casino makes money.

Since however, the online casino industry is very competitive, online casinos are keen to get new players, and for this reason, they are paying you to play casino slots through casino bonuses and free spins. Obviously, those bonuses will be limited and will have some conditions attached, but ultimately they give you a fair chance of winning as they reduce the margin that the house has. Online casinos are happy to run those promotions at a cost as for them it is like running a marketing campaign that will help them to stands out from the competition. If you want to take a look at a full list of casino bonuses simply visit our dedicated section: thousands of good casino bonuses will improve your chance of winning while playing casino slots and having fun.