Online Casino Bonuses

One of the best things about online casinos is that the competition is so fierce that brands are forced to offer very generous casino bonuses to attract new players. For the players, this is a very good news also because one way to diversify your online gambling routine is to look for new online casinos and while doing so enjoy the casino bonuses.

As you will see in our list of recently added casino bonuses you will see a huge amount of Free Spins, welcome bonuses, exclusive casino bonuses and lots more. Every single day our team work really hard to add all the new casino bonuses promotions so that you won’t miss anything. One thing is sure: it doesn’t matter which casino brand you will pick you can be sure that they are some of the best casino bonuses offered by the online casino industry at the moment.


Here at we work closely with the biggest iGaming brands which means we are able to offer some top exclusive bonus deals to our readers: if you look in our selection of new casino bonuses you will see that some bonuses will only be credited if a special casino bonus codes will be added at the moment of registering. This means that those offers are exclusive to our readers and cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. But don’t worry as you are here and you will see all the necessary bonus codes added where they are required. This means that it will be very easy for you to claim those Free Spins and casino bonuses at the corresponding online casinos.

So if you are looking for the best casino bonuses, Free Spins or welcome bonus packages our dedicated section will give you everything you need. If you are not sure about the terminology of a casino bonus you can simply click on the review and you will find all the bonus’s wagering requirements, the minimum deposit amount, the date of the expiration of the bonus, the countries were the promotion is available and a lot more.

So is the home of the biggest casino bonuses and we are proud of it. Simply take advantage, have fun and hopefully win big!


What are Exclusive Casino Bonuses?

As we have said before there are lots of online casino brands that are offering casino bonuses. Despite the majority of those will be open to anyone that registers a new account there are others that are exclusive so they are only open to a limited number of players.

In you will find a huge range of bonuses and one category are the exclusive casino bonuses. If you still not clear about what exclusive bonuses are don’t worry as we will explain in more details here.

Exclusive bonuses can be any type of casino bonuses that have been created by online casinos especially for members. Getting those is very easy as you have made already the hard work to find our website: now you simply need to get these casino bonuses in the review pages and use the one you prefer.

Exclusive bonuses can come in any form: we have exclusive welcome bonuses, Free Spins and also match deposit bonuses. From time to time we also have no deposit bonuses and cashback bonuses. Sometimes those exclusive casino bonuses will be accompanied by bonus codes that are needed as a key to access them when you are on the online casino website. Don’t worry though as we do list every casino bonus codes when they are needed so just look at our review, get the code and then have fun in claiming your ‘free money’ at the online casino in question.

One strong suggestion from us is to read all the reviews first before claiming any casino bonus: it is important to know what are the wagering requirements so that you are not left disappointed later down the line and you can plan your strategy to make the most of the exclusive online bonus.

What are Online Casino Bonuses and their benefits?

Let’s now dig a bit deeper to understand better what are online casino bonuses and why you should take full advantage of it. As mentioned one of the most important aspects of the web-based casino is the bonuses that they are able to offer. If you scroll the list of the online casino we feature you will see that nearly every casino offers a welcome bonus: this is, as you can gauge from the name, to welcome a new player into a particular online casino site. One thing to pay attention is that every casino bonus has his rules so it is important to check well the terms to ensure you get the best casino bonuses that match with your taste.

Why casino bonuses?

As you can imagine bonuses are very important to players. Why? Because you will basically get extra money to play with and therefore your chances of winning will be significantly higher. As we have said earlier not all the promotion are the same so you would need to spend some time to find the one that best suits your type of play and taste. It is also very important that you check the terms and conditions of a given bonus before starting to play. We do present the main terms in a very ‘digestible’ way in our reviews so that you don’t have to go through pages of jargon! If you meet a casino’s requirements related to a particular bonus you will get extra casino cash, free spins, and even bigger prices depending on the promotion you have claimed. Using bonuses it is also a very smart way to try out and play for a long time some of the most exciting video slots from top casino providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech.


What are the different types of Casino Bonuses?

New casino bonuses are coming up every day but there are 4 main categories and those are deposit bonuses, free spins, bonus cash and free play. Let’s take a look at each of them in more details:

What is the Online Deposit Bonus?

This is a bonus that can be retrieved when a player makes a deposit. Normally it has a percentage associated with it and also has a maximum value as a limit. For example, a match bonus of 100% up to £1,000 means that if you deposit £1,000 you will get 100% bonus so you will get credited another £1,000. The maximum bonus is £1,000 so if you deposit £1,500 you will still get £1,000 as bonus credit.

What are Free Spins?

Free Spins are normally part of the welcome bonus that an online casino can offer in addition of other bonuses. For example, a casino could offer a match deposit bonus plus 100 free spins. In this case, in addition to the free money you will receive as a part of your bonus credit you will also get 100 free spins. The Free Spins can normally be redeemed only on certain games and this will be indicated in the terms and conditions of the free spin offer.

What is Free Bonus?

This is an opportunity that a casino gives to their players. For example, a casino could give £10 freely upon registration. In some cases, casinos will offer this bonus to their existing players as well. With free bonuses, you have the chance to win without the need of depositing any cash. So, in other words, you can play and also win for real money without risking any of your cash. It is common to have wagering requirements added to cash bonus to avoid bonus fraud.

What is the Free Play Bonus?

Lots of online casinos also reward players for picking them ahead of the competition with a gift that is normally in the form of a Free Play Bonus. This is similar to the cash bonus but instead they will give you a large amount of play money that will have wagering requirements attached to it: you will have to play that money within a certain time frame and if when the time has finished you have been able to win enough money you can exchange those for a smaller amount of real cash which can than be withdrawn. This is a fantastic way to play without risking anything and also have the opportunity to make some profit out of it!

How do online casino bonuses work?

Now that you have learned the different types of casino bonuses available let’s analyse in more details how do online casinos bonuses work? The most common type of casino bonuses is the deposit bonus: with this form of bonus the online casino offers to match a player’s deposit or deposits up to a certain amount and at a fixed percentage. For example, if you dealing with a 100% match deposit up to £200 means that if you deposit £200 you will get another £200 in bonuses.

To get the bonus credited in your account you will need to make a valid deposit and then bet a certain amount at that online casino within a certain period of time. Every deposit bonus has his own terms and conditions so it is important to familiarise with those before claiming.

What are the Wagering Requirements on a Casino Bonus?

One important part of casino bonuses are the wagering requirements. Basically, a wagering requirement is a multiplier that shows the number of times you need to play the bonus amount before it will become eligible to withdraw like the money that you deposit yourself. Basically, it is the process of transforming ‘bonus credit’ into ‘real money’. When you receive a bonus you are not able to cash out your winnings before you complete the wagering requirements. Normally all the online casinos have different wagering requirements for their promotion and they will be clearly visible in the terms and conditions of the bonus offer.

How to recognise a trustworthy online casino?

Choosing an online casino to play it is based on different criteria and surely the most important is trustworthiness. As the offers of online casinos are huge new players can have a hard time in finding which are the reliable casinos and which aren’t: this is the reason why is here as we have already picked the good ones from the bad after a very careful selection. The main thing to look at are:

License – if a casino has an operating license from a respectable regulator is a very good sign that that operator has been rigorously vetted and has complied with the robust set of regulations that are made to protect players data and funds. If they have one license is good, if they have two or more is even better!

Terms and conditions of the offers – picking up the best casino bonuses is not only looking at who promises the bigger payout. All Casino Bonuses offers have terms and conditions attacked so it is important to read them carefully or use a trustworthy review site like Fair bonus offers terms are a good sign that the casino is not trying to be misleading with their promotions.

Solid customer support – the way the online casino treat their customers is another very good sign of how trustable that casino is. The best online casinos will go the extra mile to give their players a fantastic experience and they will support in a quick, easy and professional way. If you find that reaching the customer service it is difficult or you are not getting the help you should then you are playing at the wrong casino and you should change.

So it is very important to pick a secure casino as in the long term this will ensure your playing sessions will go smoothly and you will have a fun and sage experience. Spending some time to pick the right casino will mean you can enjoy your online casino experience in the long run.


All online casinos use bonuses to attract new players and reward existing ones. This trend has increased in the last few years as the industry has grown fast. Online casino bonuses can be played on every device so laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet and will increase your chance of winning extra cash. Find out all the best online bonuses by looking at the sections below and have fun!