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Is really all personal information required?

To become a member of a casino, you must provide information pertaining to your personal information or you will not be able to become a member. It always gives a little strange feeling of giving out your personal information online but unfortunately this can not be avoided. In order to open an account and to carry out efforts, personal data is a requirement.

The first step is usually to leave your name (first name, last name and name if you have this). You will also be asked for your date of birth (date, month and year) as well as your full home address (street, city, zip code and contact details). Contact details include, for example, telephone number (may be your job phone, private phone or home number) and e-mail (usually e-mail is a requirement at most casinos). All casinos only allow you to have one account registered and this account is checked through your registration information (personal data), so it is extremely important to provide accurate information from the beginning.
Always make sure to double-check! A small mistake as a spelling mistake can cause your identity not to be verified. It is not just enough that the information is correct, it must also be of honest and up-to-date information. Should you move from one address to another, it is your own responsibility to inform the casino about this as soon as possible. If you do not do this, it usually leads to that the casino freezes your account. So, if the casino finds out that there is a difference in your specified information without being aware of it can lead to misunderstandings.


Once you finish your registration and are ready to make a real money deposit, you must submit your payment information in order for this to be a successful transfer. Regardless of credit card information, bank details or e-wallet information, you will undoubtedly need to provide this information. For billing information and transaction history, additional personal information may be retrieved for the casino to be able to welcome you safety. The casino can also request your personal information for example campaigns, event or when you contact the customer service.


Some casinos also make “backgrounds check ups” by using a third-party agency , for example: confirm your age, payment information, your address and your ID.
The actual process usually involves checking of the described details against certain (public or private) databases. When you enter this process with any online casino, you agree that they may use, record and disclose your personal information that may be recorded. You will have to show that your information is correct via some form of identification, usually via email. It is also very common for another document that you will be asked to submit and show a scanned copy of the credit or debit card that you used to deposit in that casino. Remember to hide the 6-8 digits of the front of the card when performing this operation, the same rutin applies to your security code located on the back of the card.


Casino ID Control


You will also encounter a privacy policy that exists in the casino terms, in most cases you find it at the bottom of the casino’s website. The privacy policy is as an agreement with the casino and describes which of your personal data and data is used and collected by the casino. It is a major responsibility that the casino safeguards your information; they simply have to protect your privacy for legitimate reasons. The only time a casino can actually reveal something personally about you is if the legal requirement asks, for example: the casino thinks you have committed a prohibited law. You also have the rights to share your personal information with authorities like the police if there is anything suspicious about your account.

Each casino has a security measurements in order to keep your information secure from unauthorized access. This also prevents illegal treatment, accidental loss or destruction as well as damage. Always check that the casino you choose to sign up with has a relevant encryption method, which also protects your data. The majority of online casinos will use industry standard encryption using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. You usually find this information at the bottom of the casino page but if you feel unsure you can always ask the support. If you still feel unsure in any way after this (regarding encryption) we strongly recommend that you play somewhere else.


Regarding your personal information, you can contact your casino at any time to opt out or stop advertising campaigns. If you believe that your personal information was incorrectly used by a casino, you can always open a complaint. However, before you make a complaint, it is extremely important to review all your information and keep them updated. It also gives you a much better relationship with the casino.


Conclusion: Make sure your personal information ALWAYS are up-to-date!