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How to keep track of the remaining wagering | Casino Bonus

Wagering Requirements

How To Check Progress In Regards To Your Casino Bonus Wagering Requirement?

When you take advantage of a casino bonus you would have to complete the wagering requirements before you are eligible for withdrawal. These requirements are generally more than a couple of hundred pounds, in some cases even thousands of pounds.

How much money you would have to wager will depend on the amount of cash you have deposited. It also depends on the amount of bonus money that you receive from the online casino. Some online casinos will have wagering requirements on both the bonus and the deposit itself. Other, will only apply the requirements on the bonus amount. Considering that every casino is different and have their own wagering amount, you would need to read the terms and conditions carefully. We suggest you do so before starting to use the casino bonus.

Tracking Your Wagering Requirements Manually Might Be Tricky

Tracking your wagering requirements manually would be rather tricky. This is because you would have to record every single wager you make. After that, you would also then add those all together to get a total amount. There is however a much easier way to keep track of your wagering requirements.

Similarly to what we have said above, every online casino will be different when it comes to tracking your wagering requirements. The easiest would be to play at online casinos that allow you to immediately check your wagering status from your account. There are some top online casinos that offer this service As you can understand, this makes everything a lot easier.

Wagering Requirements Tracking Functionality

Without efforts, you will be able to how much wagering you have done. At any time you will be able to access your bonuses and account information. Knowing how much you have wagered already will allow you to re-shape your strategy. The great thing about this service is that the online casino will update the information live. In some cases, this is also presented visually with a progress bar or a percentage.

This is the best possible way for players to check exactly what they have already fulfilled. Also to find out how many more bets they will have to place before they are eligible to make a withdrawal.

Even though this is a handy feature, unfortunately not all the online casinos are offering it. If they don’t, the alternative is to track your wagering requirements by speaking with casino advisors via the live chat. Obviously, this is only possible if the online casino is providing a live chat functionality.

Having Being Able To Track Wagering Requirements Is Important

Being able to track your wagering requirements progress is very important. If the online casino does not have a live chat facility, tracking will be more difficult and time-consuming. You would have to send an email to the casino support team and ask them for an update. The timeframes on which you will get an answer will vary depending on the online casino.

If you want to keep track of your wagering requirements efforts efficiently and regularly, it is suggested that you do some research of online casinos functionalities. You should do so before getting involved with a deposit. You will be able to find out if they are offering the functionality we have outlined in this casino guide.

Either way, as long as the casino has a live chat, you should be able to check on your wagering requirements quickly. So perhaps you can start looking if the online casino has live chat functionality. This will also make your life easier also in regards to the wagering requirements checks.