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How To Claim A Casino Bonus

How To Claim A Casino Bonus Guide

Casino Bonuses

So you have researched your online casinos and picked the one you want to play with. You have also read the terms and conditions and are you are ready to move forward. At this point, you would have to make a deposit and receive the casino bonus.

Claiming a casino bonus is very easy

The good news is that usually claiming a casino bonus is pretty easy. Every online casino though is different. This is why we have created this how to claim a bonus guide to help you on this journey.

Some casino bonuses are immediately credited into your account when you make the first deposit, while others would have to be triggered by entering a bonus code. Before you go ahead and decide to accept a casino bonus, it is suggested that you read the Terms and Conditions of the offer very carefully. Here you will find out if to claim your bonus you would need to enter a promo code or not. It is essential to understand this point as if you make a deposit without entering the promo code, and this is required, you will not get the bonus.

How to claim a casino bonus with a bonus code?

Even though the majority of online casinos do not require a bonus code to be entered, some do. The process of entering a bonus code is pretty straightforward. You will be able to find bonus codes either on the casino website itself and also on our site in the bonus review section.

In some cases, a casino might not advertise the bonus code on their site, as the offer is exclusive to readers of a third party site. For example, we do have some exclusive deals that are reserved only to readers of CasinoBiggestBonus.com. When this is the case, you will only find the bonus code on our site and not on the online casino site.

Make sure you enter the code correctly

Regardless if you are trying to claim an introductory bonus or if you are an existing player looking to get a reload bonus, the process is basically the same. Bonus codes usually are made with a mixture of numbers and letters. It is critical that you enter the bonus code correctly. If you do enter the wrong bonus code when making the qualifying deposit, you might not get the bonus so pay attention.

Once you have prepared the bonus code, you can go ahead and make the deposit. If an online casino does require a bonus code, you will find a ‘bonus code’ field when making your qualifying deposit. It will say something like ‘Bonus Code’. The process is very simple. All you need to do now is enter your bonus code and make your deposit. If the bonus code is not correct or invalid the online casino will not grant you a bonus until you can produce a valid bonus code.

If you find out that the bonus code you have entered hasn’t worked, you should double check that you have the correct code. When this is the case, you can always contact casino support to verify that the bonus code is still valid for the promotion. It is always best to spend a few minutes to speak to an agent to check if your bonus code is correct before processing the deposit and get disappointed.

In some cases you have to decide what offer to go for

Some online casinos will ask you to enter a code and then you can decide which is the bonus you want to receive. For example, if you are making a deposit to a gambling company that are offering both casino and sportsbook products, you might be asked to decide which bonus to get. If you want to play in the casino you will ask to get the bonus for this product and likewise if you’re going to place sports bets.

Once you have entered a correct bonus code and made a qualifying deposit, the majority of online casinos will credit your account immediately with the bonus. If you go over to the cashier, you should be able to see in the balance your original deposit plus the bonus that you have received. At this point, you are ready to play with the bonus and start working to clear your wagering requirements.

Check your balance to see if the amount has been credited

Some online casinos will add both the balances together so that you have a total balance while others will show you two separate bankrolls. If this is the case, you will see your real money balance and also your bonus balance. In any case, you will know that you have received the bonus as it is showing in the balance. If you want to check further you can also take a look at your transaction history where you will also have a date and time stamp of when you received the bonus.

What to do if the casino bonus code didn’t work?

In those cases when the bonus does not work, you should contact the casino support team that will be able to help you. Usually, the best online casinos have live chat support however if this is not the case, send an email to their support team that will be able to deal with the issue straight away. Try to provide as much information as you can to help your case. Wait for an answer before starting to play with your real money. This is because you might need to have the full amount on your account so that the agent can manually give the bonus to you. If you have already used some of your original deposit, they might decline to add the bonus to your account.

Having said that, most online casinos do not ask you to enter a bonus code. This is mainly for welcome bonuses. In this case, the process of claiming a casino bonus is even easier. All you need to do is pick one of the bonuses you would like in our casino bonus list page and click on the related green button. Once you have done that and completed the qualifying deposit, the bonus will automatically be credited into your account. At this point, you just need to start playing your favourite casino games.

If in doubts, contact support

Some online casinos will ask you to contact support with the bonus code after you have made the qualifying deposit. This is usually for reload bonuses that online casinos offer to loyal customers. Once you would have claimed a few casino bonuses you will see that all is pretty simple. The most important thing is that you always check beforehand if the casino bonus requires a bonus code and then you will be all set.