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Difference Between Cashable and Sticky Casino Bonus

Cashable and Not Cashable Casino Bonus

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When you deposit and take a bonus at an online casino, your deposit bonus can normally be one of those two categories. You can either have a cashable bonus or a non-cashable bonus. Here we will look at the difference between cashable and not cashable casino bonus.

Bonuses are different. When taking advantage of a deposit bonus, you should first check to see if you are accepting a cashable bonus or a sticky bonus. In this guide, we will make the difference clear so that you know what you are signing off to. You can also check our casino reviews for each brand to ensure you have understood all well. Let’s start by looking at the cashable bonus.


A cashable bonus is like it sounds a bonus that can be cashable. If you decide to take a cashable bonus, you will be able to withdraw as soon as you have met the wagering requirements of the same (by playing online slots for instance). The wagering requirements will change depending on the casino and the offer. Make sure you are comfortable with those before moving on.

Let’s make everything easier to understand with an example. Let’s say you are depositing 100 credits into your online casino account and you get a 100% cashable bonus as part of the promotion. This bonus will allow you to have an additional 100 credits in your account. So, in total, you will start with a bankroll of 200 credits.

As soon as you have played your bonus and also met the wagering requirements, let’s suppose you have a 400 credits. This will be made of your initial 100 credits deposit, your cashable bonus of 100 credits and also your 200 credits winnings. Since you have met the casino withdrawal requirements, the bonus is now real money that you can cash out.

It is therefore very important that you check what kind of bonus you are accepting. This will tell if you can withdraw it or not.


Sticky bonuses also called a non-cashable bonus. They are very different compared with cashable bonuses. The main difference is that you can’t withdraw non-cashable bonuses. This will be clear in the terms and conditions so always read them first. If this is the case in the terms and conditions you will find something like: ‘this bonus is just for play purposes and you cannot withdraw it’.

So in this scenario, you will be able to play with the bonus that has been given to you. It will not be possible to withdraw it though. If you get winnings from the bonus you are playing with then you will be able to withdraw them as long as you have met the casino wagering requirements.

What is the difference between cashable and sticky bonus?

Let’s make an example to see where the main difference lies. Let’s assume you are making a 100 credits deposit and accept a 100% bonus. At this point, you will have a total of 200 credits to play with. You start working through the wagering requirements like you would do with a cashable bonus. Now let’s say you have completed your wagering requirements and you have a total of 400 credits in your account.

This will be made of the original 100 credits that you deposited, the 100 credit bonus money and the 200 credits that you have won. At this point, if you try to withdraw you will see that only 300 credits can be cashed out. The casino will take back the 100 credit bonus money that they gave to you initially.

This is why they are called ‘sticky’. The bonus is stuck at the online casino and you will never be able to withdraw it. You would still benefit though as you can cash out your winnings and the deposit as long as you have completed the wagering requirements. But the bonus will then return to the online casino.


In conclusion, it is imperative to know what bonus you are accepting before starting to play. The last thing you want to experience is to make a withdraw just to find out that the majority of the withdrawal has just gone back to the online casino as it was a sticky bonus. How to avoid this to happen? Simple. Just read the terms and conditions and you will know what bonus you are signing off to and how to take the maximum advantage.