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Casino Deposit Bonus Guide

Deposit Bonus

Surely either if you are a gambling veteran or a complete beginner you might have come across an online casino bonus at some point. This is because online casinos bonuses are so common and almost every single operator is offering a welcome deal of some sort. The reason why they do that is not that they are over-generous but they have a precise need of acquiring new customers in what is a very competitive and fast-moving industry. The deposit bonus is the most common type, and in this article, we are analysing in details what those are and how you can take the maximum value out of those.

If you want to know more about deposit bonuses feel free to visit our dedicated section where our experts have tested the best ones and reviewed them for you. Below we have summarised what our experts believer are, at this moment in time, the best deposit bonus around. If you don’t have an account with those online casinos, we suggest you do so as the offers are very valuable and might not last for long time. Since we do have new offers popping out every day make sure you bookmark this page, so you will ensure that you are not going to miss any good offer. Alternatively, you can also visit our casino bonus list page where there are hundreds of live deposit bonus deals.

How Do You Get A Deposit Bonus and How It Works?

When you take a look at the top online casinos we have selected, it is very easy to get carried away by the huge amount of money that is on offer via deposit bonuses. It is, however, essential for you to first understand some basics about how an online deposit bonus works as if you don’t do that you might well end up getting nothing at all. Every deposit bonus is linked to terms and conditions that are there to prevent things from running out of control. Understanding the fundamentals of the rules that regulate the deposit bonus you are taking advantage of, will ensure you are going to extract the maximum value from it.

  • New Customers: although the deposit bonus might be given in some cases also to existing customers that have proven to be loyal, in most cases the casino deposit bonus is open only to new customers. You would need to follow the guidelines in regards to how big the qualifying deposit has to be to ensure you are not missing out. Remember the sign-up casino deposit bonus usually is only on the first deposit so if you get it wrong you might miss out on the value.
  • Qualifying Deposit – often you will be required to make a deposit of £10 or more to trigger the bonus. Again this is a big step to make, and you need to do it only when you have the confidence of the terms. The majority of deposit bonuses are based on a percentage of your first deposit: if you want to get the maximum amount of bonus, you will need to make a qualifying deposit that is large enough. For example if your deposit bonus is 100% up to £100, you would need to make a qualifying deposit of £100 to get £100 in bonus. If you make a smaller deposit, you will still get some bonus, but it won’t be the maximum.
  • Wagering Requirements – Once you have successfully got your deposit bonus you would need to wager a certain amount of times before you can request a withdrawal. This is a rule that most online casinos have as they want to defend themselves from bonus abusers. If you fail to meet the wagering requirements, you might well lose all your deposit bonus, so it is critical that you read carefully in advance what it is required by the casino. Every online casino have different terms in this regards so pay particular attention.

The Benefits Of A Deposit Bonus

Subject to you following all the main terms that we have highlighted above, you will receive a deposit bonus and you will have several benefits to look forward to:

  • Boost your bankroll without increasing risks: deposit bonuses set you up in the best possible way. You will have a boost on your starting bankroll without increasing the risks. You will be able to try new games without risking to lose your hard-earned cash and with the only prospect of winning more money.
  • Potentially unlock big wins without investing much: statistically, in an online casino you have exactly the same chances of winning if you are playing with a deposit bonus or with your own money. This means that by having more credits you will increase the chances of unlocking great wins. Most of the deposit bonuses, for example, will give you free spins as part of the package to play at popular video slots like Starburst or at some progressive slots. The more you spin the more chances of winnings you have and if you can do so without spending a fortune it is great.
  • Opportunity to go through negative variance – it doesn’t matter how skilled you are. There are periods when playing at an online casino where you simply lose. If you have lots of credits since you have boosted your bankroll with a deposit bonus, you have a lot more chances of going through that period and mitigate the losses you will suffer.

Casino Deposit Bonuses: What is in our menu?

To make a sensible decision when picking a casino bonus, you need to know what is available. First of all, you need to remember that every single casino listed on CasinoBiggestBonus.com is fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and can be fully trusted. With this in mind, we have listed below the different types of deposit bonus deals you are likely to encounter:

Welcome Deposit Bonus: every sign-up bonus that requires a deposit to be made will be called in this way. Depending on the online casino brand that you choose the overall amount of casino bonus will vary and so will the associated terms and conditions.

Sign-Up Bonus: this is like the Welcome Deposit Bonus. It is just another name to indicate that.

Slots Bonus and or free spins: this is a deposit bonus that is dedicated to slots. Usually, online casinos tend to offer free spins as part as the deposit bonus package and this allows you to try out some very popular games without spending your bankroll.