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Casino Registration Bonus

How to get Casino Registration Bonus in the UK?

No DepositDue to the very strong competition, online casinos are forced to be very generous to acquire new players. No Deposit Casino Bonus are a great way to stands out from the rest of the other companies and allow players to try the product without having to commit to either a deposit or a bet.

Surely those promotions are rather expensive for the online casinos to run but this is the price to pay to get players to try them out. Many online casino are therefore giving away Free Money of Free Spins when you simply register at the casino. Yes, you won’t need to get any credit cards details. It might sound a bit crazy but this is a casino bonus you can get absolutely for free. The hope of the online casinos running those promotions is that you will like their games and you will comeback for more. But you don’t have to.

Even if it is a rather expensive marketing campaign it normally delivers a win-win situation: the players love the possibility to test a new casino brand online without having to risk their own money and new casinos can rather quickly stand out of the competition and get new members.

There are many different names for this type of bonus but ultimately they all mean the same thing: ‘No Deposit Bonus’, ‘After Registration Bonus’, ‘Bonus Without Deposit’, ‘Register Bonus’ or ‘Sign Up Bonus’. This ‘gift’ it normally comes in two different ways: Free Money and/or Free Spins.

How To Get Free Spins after Casino Registration?

So you have registered to a new casino and as a return you will be getting immediately free spins (also known as bonus rounds): you will then be able to play some online slots without the need of depositing anything. Normally the free spins you will receive are only valid for one or a limited number of casino games: Starburst is a very popular choice as it is a game loved by the majority of casino players. Some online casino however have gone the extra mile and you can play the bonus on any online slot.

In terms of number of free spins the average offer is between 10 and 30 free spins. Having said that there are some new online casinos that will go as high as 50 free spins as a No Deposit Sign Up Bonus.

You need to imagine that free spins are given so that potential customers can try the game/s and comeback for more. For this very reason the free spins are given away on the most popular and fun titles normally developed by leading software companies such as Microgaming and NetEnt.

Free Money after Casino Registration

Another way of delivering a Casino No Deposit bonus is by literally giving away free money so that you can play in the new casino without the need of depositing your own credits. You will get those bonuses after you have made the casino registration. So in this case just register a new account and start having fun without worrying about depositing your own money.

A massive advantage of being given free money is that you can use them on the casino game of your choice: this is why the majority of casino players prefer this no deposit offer. The amount of free cash that you will be given will vary from casino brand to casino brand but in the majority of cases is up to £20.

What to be aware of regarding No Deposit Bonuses

Even if the free money and free spins on your new casino account are absolutely real, you need to consider that there are some requirements that will have to be met so that you can withdraw that money. This is what is called Wagering requirement in the online casino industry and it is telling you how many times you will have to turn over the free money and the free spins before they will become available to withdraw from your casino account.

Similarly to the amount also the wagering requirement will change depending on the casino brand you are going to register with but normally ranges from 35 to 50 times. As you might have noticed the wagering requirement for free money and free spins without deposit is significantly higher than for regular bonuses. Some casinos go up to 100 times and this is why many are calling those ‘sticky money’ as it is more or less impossible to withdraw them especially for new casino. The reason is that if you are given 10 free spins with a wagering requirement of 100 times you will need to play for 1000 spins before you will be able to withdraw the bonus. For Free Money if you get a free money bonus of £10 and the wagering is 100 times you will have to play for £1,000 before you can withdrawal that money.

So withdrawing no deposit bonus regardless if those are free spins or free cash it will take sometime. So why bothering with casino registration bonuses then? Well, statistically you can always win when playing with no deposit bonus money or spins and in some online casinos there are no wagering requirements on the winnings that result from bonus offers which means you can take your winnings immediately in real cash.

There is another limitation that you need to consider when taking advantage of a Casino No Deposit bonus and it is the Expiration Date. This is also for regular bonuses and means that you will need to use the Free Spins or Free Money during a precise time period or you will lose them. Similarly to what we have seen before the time period does vary on each online casino but normally it ranges from 1 to 10 days for the free spins and 10 to 30 days for the free money with no deposit. New online casinos tend to be very strict on No Deposit Bonuses and the expiration date is normally a lot shorter than it is for the regular deposit bonuses.

It is very important that you read carefully all the terms and conditions of each online casino. In some instances winnings from bonuses will be capped so you need to consider a strategy around it. Some online casino will have limitations on how much you can win when playing with free spins and free money. This is to ensure that ‘Bonus Abusing’ will not happen: No Deposit Bonuses are exposed to this risk and therefore the requirements are a lot stricter than the normal bonus.  Since many online casino have paid the price of having their promotions exploited by bonus abusers there aren’t many offering free money although this type of promotion can still be a win-win situation if managed well.