Home Casino Guides What happens if I give the wrong details to a casino?

What happens if I give the wrong details to a casino?

What happens if I give the wrong details to a casino?

What happens if I give the wrong details to a casino?

Take the time as needed when completing the correct details. You can often do these tasks very well and automatically, making it easy to make mistakes. Once you have finished always double-check an extra time so that they are accurate data. It is quickly done and will avoid future disappointments!
Should you enter incorrect information in a casino like: your name, address and date of birth, this will affect the verification process. Of course, it is also important that you give a correct contact information such as phone number and e-mail address. Write your exact email, it’s also easy too do this really fast, so double-check here too. Most often, the casino sends you an activation email that you need to access. The mail contains a link that you must activate by clicking before you can start playing.

If you have entered the wrong mail, this mail will not be displayed correctly, please contact support directly. An absolute no is to register an additional account with the same information. Dual accounts often lead to blocking. It is also possible that some casinos do not have the mail feature but you know that you encountered incorrect mail updating it correctly as soon as possible. If you try to make a withdrawal at any time, you will need to submit your verification documents by email. This withdrawal will definitely be via email contact. As well as if you participate in a competition, the winners are often contacted by mail.

Having the correct information in your account is crucial for your successful withdrawal. If you entered the wrong address at the registration date, you must change it as soon as possible. The address of your casino account must accurately copy the address shown on the verification documents. Any deviations here will delay your withdrawals. Never risk losing your money and always keeping your information up to date. The same applies here for your name and address.

Your financial details
Here it’s incredibly important with the right details, it’s your money it’s about after all!

  • your account number,
  • sort code,
  • IBAN number
  • and BIC number.Depending on the jurisdiction you live in, they depend on what information is required. If you indicate hiding tasks, you will not risk getting your money. If you intend to make mistakes please contact the casino customer service immediately. Unless you do, it only leads to delays with your money.

A deposit may be rejected at a casino if you have given incorrect information to the casino. For example, a deposit may be rejected if your billing information does not match your credit card information that you specified on the casino’s bank page. Make sure that your zip / postal code or home address is not different from the billing address. These data must be up to date to continue with your purchase.

Lastyl, should you provide wrong information intentionally and the casino discovers this, they are entitled to terminate your account. If you have submitted incorrect information, you need to update them or make the casino aware as soon as possible to avoid future problems. Never open two accounts, but correct the wrong instead. Keep calm and calm so your registration will be right from the start, saving lots of time for future gaming.



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