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Am I eligible to receive a casino bonus?

Am I eligible to receive a bonus?

Are you eligible to receive a Casino Bonuses

There are lots of different online casinos out there and every one of them is offering a range of bonuses to their players. Am I eligible to receive a bonus? Every bonus will be dedicated to certain players while others might not be able to qualify.

The most important thing you need to check before taking advantage of a bonus are the terms and conditions linked to it. Every time you are considering to accept a bonus you need to check the terms of the offer. Do not assume those will be the same as other casino bonuses you might have received in the past. Every operator is likely to have different conditions.

How to figure out if I am eligible for a casino bonus?

To figure out if you are or not eligible to get a bonus is to check the Terms and Conditions. It could be a costly mistake to rush into making a deposit to find out that you will not be able to receive the bonus. There are lots of players that make this type of mistakes. Those can be easily avoided by reading the conditions before. In this way, you can firstly ensure that you are eligible for the bonus and also what it is required from you to take advantage.

You need to remember that usually casinos only offer these bonuses to a selection of players. For this reason, if you haven’t checked if you are eligible or not, you might end up disappointed when you discover that the bonus wasn’t from you.

But what are the points to check in the terms and conditions to see if you are eligible for a bonus?

There are lots of reasons why you might not be able to get a bonus. You will find this explained in the Terms and Conditions of the offer. Usually, the most common reason is that you are living in a country that is not the target of the casino bonus. Casinos will not offer the bonus to all players but they usually have restrictions in that sense.

Although this doesn’t usually mean that you cannot open an account with the casino. What it does mean is that you cannot take advantage of their bonuses. You will be able to find those types of information in their Terms and Conditions. Here at CasinoBiggestBonus.com we also try to list the countries that are not eligible for the bonus. We do that in our casino bonus reviews. If you are signing up mostly to play with a bonus, it is critical to sense check first that your country is not in the restricted list.

Are you the type of player the casino is targeting with the promotion?

The second thing you should figure out is what type of players the bonus is targeted at. For example, first deposit bonuses are just for those players who will make their first deposit. For this reason, if you have already done that you will not be able to claim the bonus offer.

Having said that, there are reload bonuses to reward existing players who have already made some deposits. The thing to remember here is that every bonus is different and it is for different types of players. For this reason, it is paramount that you check that you fit the profile. If you have any doubts even after you have been reading the Terms and Conditions we strongly advise you to contact the casino customer’s service to clarify the matter.

It is much better that you double check with them. If they confirm that you are eligible for the bonus then you will make the deposit. This will ensure you will not find bad surprises further down the line.

In case you are playing casino games on a mobile phone, you should always check that you are eligible to receive the casino bonus from this device. All the best online casinos are keen to promote themselves on mobile so most likely you will be eligible.

Online casinos usually limit their bonus offer to 1 account per player. This means that you cannot open several casino accounts with the aim of taking advantage of multiple casino bonuses. Doing this will be in breach of terms and conditions and you can get your account suspended by the casino.

Casino bonuses are 1 for household normally

To avoid bonus abusers, online casinos tend to limit bonuses to one per household, IP address, family or shared computer. For this reason, if other people in your household are keen to play at the same online casino you should contact the customer service. Simply ask them if they will be eligible to get their bonuses.

You should also be mindful as some bonuses are exclusive to players referred by specific sites. This is happening when third-party sites do exclusive deals with the online casino. In this case, the bonus is only available to their readers.

Exclusive casino bonus deals

Here at CasinoBiggestBonus.com we have several of those exclusive bonus deals dedicated to our readers. This is because we have been in the casino industry for a long time. We therefore have good contacts and negotiating power with operators. You will be eligible to receive those bonuses if you click on our links in the relevant casino bonus review page.

How to secure an exclusive casino bonus?

We have a dedicated casino bonus list page where there are hundreds of bonuses to take advantage of. There you will find the newest casinos and also the traditional ones with some very attractive welcome bonus offers. If you are unsure if you will receive the offer on not, you can always check with the casino support agents.


In conclusion, we can say that every casino and every bonus is different. To make sure you are eligible to receive a casino bonus you need to follow some steps. Even if in this guide we have explained what might be the most common reasons that might stop you from getting a casino bonus let’s stress that you should always read the Terms and Conditions before committing to anything. There you will find out for sure if you are eligible for the casino bonus or if the offer is merely not for you.