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Aliens Slot Review

Aliens Video Slot review

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The slot runs via the NetEnt platform and is a 15-payline video slot. The game is inspired by the movie Alien where the wild card is the Weyland-Yutani Corps logo. Players can try the game for free via online demos or visit any of our selected NetEnt casinos to play the game for real money.

Before setting your adventure, set your preferences. More information about this is available below:
Button “Level” = Adjusts the number of coins wagered.
The “Coin Value” button = Adjusts the coin size between 0.01 and 1.
Triangle button = Starts player, so the rolls start rolling.
“Max Bet” = Playing the game to the highest bet.
“Autoplay” = Plays the player a certain number of times without interruption.

Level 1
The search scans the players infected premises for Alien activity. All symbols bar wilds are added to the activity gauge and amplify the multiplier by 1. If the Alien Activity Meter reaches its maximum, an attack order goes on to players to level 2. All multiplier you have from level one follows you into Level 2.

Level 2
Fighting to reach Queen Hive without leaving ammunition, at zero ammo, this level fails. Each new turn activates a bet with three new symbols. Ammo symbols appearing arbitrarily in the center roll position increase Ammo Clip Counter, triggering Re-spins.

Level 3
The Hive! The goal of the player is to destroy the queen before the aliens capture them. Hive Health Meter shows how damaged Hive is. At the beginning, Ammo Clip Counter contains four Ammo Clips, giving five Free-Spins. Hive can be accidentally damaged by the strength of the grenade in combination with the multiplier. Multipliers that change randomly in the middle position multiply the amount of damage from x1 to x10.’

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